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We aim to enhance the value and functionality of the land we touch.

As a professional grading and excavation company, Yantis Enterprises Inc. provides a range of services related to land preparation and maintenance. Common services include land clearing, grading and excavation, erosion control, site preparation for construction, drainage solutions, installation of retaining walls and other hardscaping features, landscaping and re-vegetation, and ongoing maintenance and management of the land.

We're committed to proving the highest level of expertise, professionalism, and attention to detail in all aspects of our work. This includes using the latest technology and equipment, adhering to safety and environmental regulations, communicating clearly and transparently with our customers, and completing projects on time and within budget.

“We take pride in delivering a finished product that meets or exceeds the expectations of our clients—building a strong reputation for quality service and maintaining a long-term relationship with you, our client."

Our services are provided for a variety of clients, including residential, commercial, industrial, and governmental entities. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate!

Joshua & Charity Yantis
Owner & Operator
Who We Are

Founded in 2023, Yantis Enterprises provides grading and excavation services to the Chatahochee Valley and beyond. Our greatest resource is the talented people we work with—carrying forth our traditions, values, and long-standing reputation for quality and service.

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